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---Concerning to the major equipment of the main performance level, quality and reliability, Power transmission & Control Technique as the important basic technology, is the core of modern factory automation, and also the technology, equipment, and key projects which emphatically introduction into China machinery industry. Estimating show, the market demand of Power Transmission keeps the share of billions dollars every year. With machinery revolution and upgrading needs, Power Transmission market is concern by the world country and have huge commercial opportunities.

The rapid growth of China''s industrial economy is drawing the attention of manufactures all over the world to the North China market. Our country is promoting in the process of modernization, machinery manufacturing & technical equipment industrial is our industry bases, and Power Transmission machinery and technology is the indispensable equipment. As an important industrial base, the Bohai economic rim gathers numerous national economic system, such as mechanical equipment manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, military troops a number of fields trade enterprise, its production and technical level is occupied domestic important position.

Gather Binhai, Transmission Global.
Link Bohai-rim economic circle, is now one of China''s largest industrial manufacturing districts, accommodating nearly 10,000 industrial manufacturing enterprises. With the industrial revitalization plans introduced by the government recently, the shows are expected to further contribute to the short-term and long-term sustainable growth of these regions. By 2011, Tianjin industrial equipment manufacturing industry will become RMB trillion, such as heavy industrial and electronic information will reach to RMB 2-3 billion, and equipment manufacturing industrial belts to more than 45%. Over the past two years, Tianjin has promote 100 big industrial projects, with a total investment of RMB 50 million. So far, more than one-quarter of the world top 500 enterprises set up factory in Tianjin, formed the aerospace, defense, science and technology, equipment manufacture, petrochemical industry, electronic information, technology and modern medicine, new energy and new materials, light textile industries, etc. Tianjin has become the most important modern manufacturing base.

China international Power Transmission & Control Technique Exhibition (ITCE2011), united some similar terminal users and three exhibitions running from Aug 18th to Aug 21th 2011, at the Tianjin Binhai International convention & exhibition centre, within a total display area of 40,000 sqm ,nearly nine exhibition halls, will be held related industry, technology conference BBS, press conferences, etc. The Exhibition gets the national related ministries and tianjin governmentí»s attention and support, and also invited many industry giants positive response and trust. CCTV, Tianjin TV, Binhai TV, Xinhua News agency, the China Business News, People''s Net, the Phoenix Net, etc. as 130 many well-known media reported our exhibition.

Purchasers Organization, Precise Position.

With five years of audience accumulation and organization, in the aspect of professional customers organization, ITCE2011 has formed huge database of industrial enterprise, such as petrochemical, machine tool, forging, steel, metallurgy, automobile and engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, military, shipbuilding, plastic, metal, communication, aerospace, mining machinery, mould manufacturing, etc. ITCE continued to introduce exhibitors to professional buyers and invitation buyers to visit ITCE, and use various industries & mainstream media database, and the development of high-end media all industrial park, covering all kinds of good relationship between suppliers and purchasers. With the "one to one" trade matching service, ITCE analyzes each exhibitor''s intention to invite buyers downstream, attracting much more professional buyers to purchase, and seeks more appropriate customers for exhibitors.

The would-be Exhibitor:

  1. Fluid power transmission:
    Hydraulic, hydro technologies, pneumatics, sealing technologies, mechanical and stuffing static sealing, related equipments and measuring instruments, transmission media, etc.

  2. Mechanical transmission, parts and equipment:
    Gears, Chain Transmission, Belt Transmission, Couplings and Brakes, Powder Metallurgical products, Various Equipment and Measuring Instruments.
  3. Bearing & Elbow:
    Bearings and related components,Bearings production & manufacturing equipment, related equipment & components, various elbow & accessories. etc.

  4. Linear motion systems:
    Linear motion drive elements/drive system, Linear motion Systems, Electromechanical actuators.

  5. Electrical Power Transmission:
    Industrial motors, industrial motors of normal type, industrial motors of special type, servomotors, small motors for general application, small motors of special design, frequency converters, current conversion equipment and components, electric drives, electromagnetic equipments, etc.

  6. Compressed Air Technology:
    Compressed accessories and components, Vacuum technology & equipment, compressors for compressed air production, Compressed air processing, Compressed air storage and distribution, Heat exchangers.
  7. Fasteners/Springsú╗
    Fasteners, fastener manufacturing equipment, fastener steel, spring, spring manufacturing equipment, spring steel. etc.

  8. Internal Combustion Engines and Small Gas Turbines
    Internal combustion engines, IC engine parts and accessories, R&D, production processing and measuring instruments.

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